Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a security deposit?
The Security Deposit is equivalent to half the month rental rate.

2. When are the monthly charges due?
Monthly rates include rent and services and are due in advance on the first of each month.

3. How much notice must be given?
One Month Notice of moving during the first three months, then on completion of lease, 3 months notice.

4. Is smoking allowed?
For the SAFETY and HEALTH of our residence we are a NON SMOKING RESIDENCE, smoking is permitted on the grounds only.

5. Is the Residence wheelchair or walker accessible?
Yes, but all tenants of Woodlands Court must be ambulatory or mobile and independent.

6. If I need help or in an emergency where can I get assistance?
During the day 7:00 am to 7:00 pm one of our staff will be able to respond to “call pull” signals for important matters if you need help. Our Staff DO NOT provide Nursing Care. However:

  • LIFELINE: If you require 24 hr emergency response due to “high risk of falls” or a “serious medical condition” we strongly suggest you subscribe to the Selkirk & District Seniors Resource Council Inc. “Lifeline” The Selkirk Regional Health Centre and Paramedics are just minutes from our front entrance. Please note that Nurses from the Tudor House Nursing Home are not able to be responders to your lifeline it must be family, friends or neighbors.
  • HOME CARE: Please note that the IERHA (Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority does provide Home Care Services that includes nursing and personal care services to eligible persons. Please enquire with Selkirk Home Care Services for more details. (204) 785-7703.

7. Can relatives or friends stay overnight if I am not feeling well?
Overnight guests may stay as often as you like, providing they respect the privacy and dignity of the residence and your neighbors. There is also a Guest Suite available to rent on a daily basis at a very reasonable cost for those visitors from out of province visiting.

8. Can my guest stay for lunch or supper?
Guest meals with advance notice are available. Check with Office for current rates. For special occasions a Buffett is served with a limited number of guests per Tenant may be booked.

9. Can I decorate my suite to my own taste and preference?
Yes, however your security deposit may be used to restore it after you leave back to its original state. You may hang all of the pictures and personal items you like.

10. Are any basic household items available?
We make available toilet tissue, garbage bags and light bulbs etc, for your purchase at “The Pantry”.

11. Can I keep my own flower or vegetable garden if I desire?
We maintain our grounds and flower beds but tenants may choose to keep their own small flower and vegetable garden if they desire.

12. At what point will Woodland Courts no longer provide assisted living care and/or when would I be required to move?
Normally on completion of the lease, but in special cases we would provide thirty days notice if tenant requires more assistance with daily living and can safely be provided in the assisted living suites or if the tenant is no longer independent and/or may be at risk to themselves other clients or the residence. We would endeavor to assist the client and family in locating an appropriate alternative (ie. Nursing Home, Hospital etc.)

13. Can I bring my own furniture? 
Yes, these suites are no different to any other apartments. You furnish your suite according to your own choice since this will be your new home. We do advise you to take out personal property insurance to protect your jewelry, clothing, furnishings and other valuables. It is intended that similar to an apartment you bring in your furniture to meet your needs. But this is at your discretion.

14. Can I cook in my suite? 
Yes you can. Our suites are equipped with kitchenettes which include a microwave oven, stove (South Bldg) and small refrigerator. Most of our tenants bring in small kitchen appliances with them to add extra convenience to these arrangements.

15. How do I know if this is the place for me? 
We would be pleased to have you visit for a tour and we would discuss the lifestyle and services with you to see if this meets your needs or not.

16. How do I get on the Waiting List? 
Simply fill out the “Application Form for Residency” and send it in to us. We will contact you when a suite becomes available. If you are unable to accept a suite when we call we can retain you your name on the waiting list and be called again at a later date. Applicants are called in chronological order from the date they first applied.

17. Is there any Financial Assistance available to reduce my monthly rent costs? 
Yes, you may be eligible for up to $210.00 per month The Manitoba Shelter Benefit for Families for more information call  945-2197 or 1-877-587-6224 or  e-mail us at

18. Tenant Insurance? 
Yes, all Tenants are asked to maintain current Tenant Insurance on their leased suite as part of the Tenancy Agreement to protect their valuable and the building from loss.

Do you have any additional questions? Not to worry! We are here to assist you with this important decision-making process. The more we can help you, the more confident you will be that you made the right decision – here at Woodlands Court.

Call the Residence Manager at 785-1066 Ext: 1 arrange a date to join us for a free courtesy lunch and tour!