At Woodland Courts we provide a large array of activities to choose from.

Activities are a large part of life at Woodlands Court. Our Service Worker Coordinator and Residence Manager carefully plans a large selection of in-house activities plus trips and special outings. Our tenants also enjoy wonderful musical performances, videos, and a host of games for social fun and mental stimulation. The following is just a sample of the activities we have to offer.

In-House Activities

  • Games galore!  Bingo, Poker, Pinochle, Pool Table, Wii Video Game!
  • Movies and special holiday videos
  • Wonderful local talent and musical performances
  • Classic Movie Nights
  • Table games, quilting and craft making
  • Weekly exercise classes

Excursions, Outings and More Fun

  • Occasional trips to Walmart, Garden City Shopping Centre etc….
  • Outings to local restaurants
  • During summer months outings includes picnics, BBQ’s and trips to various places of interest.

Other Events Just For You

  • Hairdresser for men’s and lady’s haircuts, shampoos and perms.
  • Christmas Dinner, Mother’s Day Buffet, Father’s Day Barbecue and many more Special holiday events and theme activities