About Us

Our Nursing Home

Tudor House serves clients from the City of Selkirk and the Interlake Eastern Region. We will also accept applications from other regions of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg. Non-Resident applications must be approved by Manitoba Health.

The residents of Tudor House vary widely in age and care needs. Those we have cared for have ranged from 21 years to 105 years of age Tudor House provides Personal Care, Extended Care and “Special Care” for Seniors, Fragile Elderly, physically and mentally handicapped adults, residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease and provides “hospice-type or palliative” care for the dying.

Keeping in mind that growing older involves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes, Tudor House employs many health care professionals trained and experienced in Long Term Care, Psychogeriatrics and related fields, as well as many non-professionals with widely-varied and experienced backgrounds.

Please take this opportunity to contact us or come visit, see if Tudor House is the long term care residence alternative for you.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to offer “Resident Centered Care in a Home-like Family Community”, provided with quality, dignity, compassion, empathy and partnership.

Our Mission

To continue to strive for Excellence in the provision of Quality Health Care to our Residents in a friendly, caring and compassionate manner in a “Home-like family” community, respecting the dignity and self-worth of each individual and to provide leadership in partnership with our community, the region and the Province in the planning and delivery of Long Term Care Services.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to reflect in all our activities, the promotion of health and the advancement of individual growth, for residents admitted to this home; the personnel on our staff and for all the people in our community directly and indirectly involved.

We believe in the dignity of the human person, recognizing that each person has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and rights that these rights must be respected and cannot be violated. This respect is reflected in the tireless efforts in this Home to serve and preserve life and to prepare for its termination when death is inevitable through spiritual support, understanding and empathy.

We believe individuals and institutions move forward only as they assume and accomplish new responsibilities in an orderly manner; and each member of the staff in this Home is dedicated to the promotion of health in all areas of human concern, based on the belief that man’s totality must be considered.

We are determined that admission to this Home shall be based on the need for the type of care provided here, the environment most appropriate for the resident and the availability of accommodations. Type of care is determined by the qualifications of the medical staff and personnel; with the facilities and the equipment needed to carry out services.

We insist that each resident receives the best possible care and in the most ethical manner for the least possible cost to the elder, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or source of payment for services. The charges are just and uniform and are based on operational costs currently set by Manitoba Health.

We believe that this institution is entitled to payment for services provided and the resident or his/her family are responsible for payment for these services, as well as the supplies and equipment needed for his care and maintenance, where not covered by insured services.

We determine that employment or personnel in this institution must be based on qualifications and the ability to function effectively regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or physical handicap; that personnel must be of good moral character; and willing to uphold the ethical code of this institution. We also determine in that the salary scale is just, reflecting the amount of education, training and preparation required as well as the responsibility involved; that the employee in turn owes his best effort, loyalty, responsibility and confidentiality to Tudor House Personal Care Home and our residents.

We believe that educational programs such as in-service meetings and training programs are important to the maintenance and development of an adequate staff and that an effective system of quality control at a maximum level of health care.