New Admisions during Pandemic Response System Level RED (CRITICAL):  We are providing advance notice to all families with residents in Private Rooms that during the Pandemic Response System Level RED (CRITICAL) it will be necessary to “Temporarily” move a resident in a private room to accommodate a New Admission being placed in “Quarantine” for a full 14 days. New residents from hospital, other nursing homes and the community need to be placed in isolation to protect our other residents and ensure there is no COVID infection risks to the facility. We definitely do not want to go back into an Outbreak situation again.

To be fair and equitable to all residents we are trying to take turns so it is not always the same resident that must move. Families will be notified in advance when this is occurring and which double room they will be moving to for the two weeks. Before they return to their own room it will be cleaned & disinfected and the room will be restored to as close as we can to how it was. We will move only stable residents and only within the unit or cohort. Residents on end-of-life or with special care needs will not be moved.

We sincerely regret the necessity for needing to do this but it is very necessary to keep all our residents safe.   Our building is very old, 50 years, and we have many double rooms and shared washrooms, hopefully in the future we can get renovations that will make this process unnecessary as each resident will have a private room. We are advocating for these infrastructure improvements and hopefully they will come soon.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your assigned Nurse Manager for more information. They can be contacted at the below contact information. Again, thank you for your patience and support during these difficult times. Stay safe, wear a mask and social distance. 😊

Majel Dignadice RN Maples Hall
Tel: (204) 482-6601 Ext: 138

Laetitia Martyniw RN BN Poplar Oak Hall
Tel: (204) 482-6601 Ext: 139