With increasing Covid-19 vaccination rates among our residents, staff, and in the community, and following the provincial announcement of the change to Pandemic Level Orange, we are pleased to announce further enhanced visitation opportunities and support social leaves for residents.

Enhanced Visitation:

End of Life: Increased visitation timeframe (4 weeks), up to 4 Designated Family Caregivers (2 may visit at a time), up to 2 unvaccinated/vaccinated general visitors

Designated Caregivers: no change to current visitation.

General Visitors (indoor/outdoor):

  • In the resident’s room- up to 2 vaccinated general visitors
  • All-Season Visitation Shelter/Designated Indoor Visitation Room – up to 2 unvaccinated/vaccinated general visitors
  • General visitors from out of province may visit in the all-season visitation shelter/designated indoor visitation room with proof of vaccination
  • Outdoor Visits – a reasonable number of general visitors per resident may visit at a time if physical distancing can be maintained; outdoor visitation capacity will vary by site

The principles of frequent hand hygiene, physical distancing, and visitor screening continue to be important, effective measures to minimize the risk of Covid-19.

Criteria for Social Leaves:

If the resident AND driver are fully vaccinated –

  • Social leaves are permitted up to full day, overnight stays are not recommended
  • Direct travel to the destination and back to facility is recommended to minimize exposure and contacts.

If either the resident or the driver is NOT fully vaccinated:

  • Each resident can designate up to a maximum of two drivers/escorts.
  • Passes are limited; a maximum of 2/week for a maximum of 2 hours.

Physical distancing and masks are required in the vehicle and recommmended to be worn unless for the purpose of eating/drinking. Perform hand hygiene frequently.

Please contact recreation department to schedule a social leave, or to designate your 2 unvaccinated driver/escort.

Fully immunized residents and visitors are those who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and whose second dose was received more than 14 days before the planned visit. Both the resident and the visitor(s) must meet these criteria, visits must be scheduled and visitors will be required to demonstrate proof of full immunization and photo identification before entry.

Please note, visitation changes will take effect July 5, 2021. Friends and family can call our Recreation Department at 1-204-482-6601 ext. 125 to book a scheduled visit or a Social Leave.

We know the last number of months have been difficult and have required limits on social visits and interaction. We look forward to continuing to support time spent with your loved ones.

All visitors will continue to be screened before entry, masks must be worn, and anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted.
We will regularly review opportunities to improve and will learn as we go. We are grateful for your continued cooperation and patience.